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Recycling is Easy & Convenient

How It Works

Bring your used contact lenses, blister packs, boxes, and top cover foils to one of our offices.  We collect materials from our offices and from contact lenses wearers like you and send those through the ONE by ONE program to Terracycle for reclamation.

New Options to Stop Waste

Historically, contact lenses and their packaging were not recycled due to the small sizes of each piece. Recycling centers often direct these small pieces into the waste stream for landfill or incineration. That includes the lenses themselves, the foil covers and plastic blister packs that lenses come in.

Today you have a better choice to bring your old contacts and packaging into our office for collection and processing by Terracycle. This program keeps these small pieces separated for recycling and use with future products – and out of the trash.

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