Eyecare Technology

Premier Vision and Eyecare Technology

At Golden Optometric, we pride ourselves in combining our doctors’ expertise and care with the latest technology advancements and products to provide the highest quality care and patient satisfaction. We are dedicated to impressing our patients with a comfortable, yet thorough exam experience while offering top-of-the-line, cutting edge ophthalmic vision products. The following are just a few of the unique products and services Golden Optometric offers:

Optos Daytona Ultra-Wide Retinal Imaging System

The optomap® retinal image gives our eye doctors a much larger view (200 degrees) of the back of your eye than conventional eye exam equipment. These images of your retina can be taken without dilating your pupils – a very common procedure which is uncomfortable and inconvenient for many people.

The optomap® image is captured in less than a second and is immediately available for doctor and patient to review. This means no pupil dialation, faster exams, and our doctors can review it quickly and if necessary, refer you to a retinal specialist. Using the internet, the image can be sent anywhere in the world for a specialist to review.

Each optomap® image is as individual as fingerprints or DNA and can provide eye care professionals with a unique view of your health very quickly and comfortably. Some of the advantages of using the optomap system are

  • An ultra-widefield view of your retina
  • Comfortable and quick image capture
  • Non-invasive
  • Helps you understand your eye health
  • Provides permanent records for future comparison
  • Does not require pupil dilation (however, this is a decision to dilate or not is a medical decision to be made by your health care professional)
  • You can resume normal activities immediately

Ask about the optomap system during your next visit. Watch Dr. Oz using the optomap and see how the optomap is used for an eye exam.

Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer

The Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer is the gold standard when it comes to documenting visual field defects. It is able to quantify the sensitivity of a patient’s vision centrally and peripherally. This is a particularly useful tool in the detection and documentation of vision loss from glaucoma, strokes, and other neuro-ophthalmic disorders.

Non-mydriatic Retinal Fundus Camera

Our practice’s fundus camera can take stunning high resolution images of the retina. Digital imaging allows for accurate documentation of ocular diseases and the collaboration of information with other eyecare professionals. These images are crucial in the proper management of patients with glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, and other retinal and optic nerve abnormalities.

Computerized Corneal Topography

Our corneal topographer unit is able to capture a curvature mapping of the front of a patient’s eye. This information can be used to custom fit contact lenses as well as diagnose corneal disorders such as keratoconus.

Glaucoma and the OCT

Golden Optometric is proud to provide the latest technologies in the fight against Glaucoma related blindness, the Zeiss Cirrus and Optovue OCTs. These sophisticated instruments maps the nerve layer within your eye and can detect Glaucoma related changes far earlier than previous methods. Also, it is quick, painless, and easy to perform so you don’t have to worry or wait for results. You can always look to Golden Optometric to use the most advanced technology to keep you healthy.

For years, Golden Optometric has partnered with eye surgeons to provide the most comprehensive eye care in our area. Occasionally, our patients may need procedures such as cataract surgery that require special care. Since we offer these services “in-house”, patient care is seamless and convenient. Thank you for choosing Golden Optometric for all of your vision needs.