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We carry one of the largest collections of contact lens fitting sets for soft contact lenses, toric contact lenses, color contact lenses, multifocal contact lenses, and gas permeable contact lenses. We carry the best brands including CooperVision, Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, and ACUVUE. We have lenses for nearly every kind of eye, lifestyle and budget, including leading brands such as Biofinity, Acuvue Oasys, Freshlook Colors, and Proclear 1-Day.


Buy a Year Supply of Contacts

10 Great Reasons to Buy a Year Supply of Contacts from Golden Optometric.

  1. Guaranteed to be genuine products without substitution
  2. Free shipping
  3. Rebates from the manufacturer for cash back to you
  4. Exchange unopened boxes if your prescription changes during the year
  5. Replace defective lenses at no charge
  6. 20% discount on prescription glasses you buyExit Visual Builder
  7. 20% discount on non-prescription sunglasses you buy
  8. Convenience

Customized Contact Lens Evaluations and Fittings

Our doctors at Golden Optometric understand that not every contact lens is for every patient. We are committed to taking the time to assess your individual visual needs, your desires, and your ocular health, and fit you in the most appropriate and comfortable contact lenses. We have successfully helped many patients who had been unsuccessful in the past or who had previously been told they were not a contact lens candidate. Our practice utilizes corneal topography technology and carries one of the largest collections of contact lens fitting sets for soft contact lenses, toric contact lenses, color contact lenses, multifocal contact lenses, and gas permeable contact lenses. Whether you want to wear contact lenses for convenience and a glasses-free look, or for a medical condition like keratoconus, our skilled doctors can select and/or design the right contact lenses for you.

Medically Necessary Contact Lenses

Some medical eye conditions that prevent patients from achieving good vision can benefit from very specialized contact lenses. This small group of patients need to be skillfully fit with medically necessary contact lenses. The most common conditions are corneal irregularities due to either keratoconus, (a corneal degeneration that causes a gradual bulging of the cornea into the shape of a cone) or unsuccessful refractive surgeries like Radial Keratotomy and LASIK. Other patients that benefit from medically necessary contact lenses are those patients with a significant amount of anisometropia (a large difference between the prescription in the right and left eyes). Golden Optometric uses a combination of advanced digital corneal mapping and the latest in lens material and design to create the best visual outcome for each of these patients. If one of our Doctors determines you have a condition that would benefit from this specialty fitting, our staff will contact your insurance company to obtain prior authorization due to a medical condition. In most cases, the entire amount of the fitting and the contact lenses will be covered.

Understanding Contact Lens Fees

Contact Lenses are a big part of our practices and we find that we are often asked questions about how the contact lens evaluation works and how the fees are calculated. We have put together this form to help you in understanding your contact lens fees and services.

Read more about Understanding Your Contact Lens Fees – Entendiendo Cobros de Pupilente.

Alcon colored contact lenses

Recycle Contact Lenses In Our Office

You can now recycle all used contact lenses and packaging by bringing them to us in West Covina or Whittier.  Help us keep contacts and packaging out of the trash.  Learn more

After numerous attempts to be fitted with contacts, approximately one month ago, Dr. Golden was able to fit me with medically necessary contacts. I have never been able to see with such sharp, crisp and clear vision before now. Thank you, Dr. Golden for all your patience and dedication to your clients.


Aleshia Costello

For the first few years of my teens, I was fitted with many different prescription glasses, with several different optometrists. The prescription glasses never helped me achieve 20/20 or near 20/20 sight. I was always forced to squint, so I could make out letters on a chalkboard or book. Driving at night, or let alone, driving at all was difficult. I had trouble seeing traffic signs. At night, the lights from on coming traffic seemed streaky, even wearing glasses.

At the age of 17, an Ophthalmologist diagnosed me with keratoconus and referred me to Dr. Golden. I was told he excellent at fitting tough prescriptions. When I was finally fitted with contacts, I was so amazed at the vision I was able to achieve. I was able to read the eye chart without any effort. I was able to drive at night without seeing streaking from the lights of on coming traffic. I didn’t have to bury my face in a book to be able to read it. I cannot function normally without my contact lenses, nor do I wish to try. I have been a patient of Golden Optometric for over 20 years, and thanks to them, I am able to see clearly and enjoy the beauty around me.

Gary R. Garcia