Caring and Experienced Eyecare Staff

The Golden Optometric Group family of opticians, lens fitters, insurance experts, and coordinators have a wealth of eye care and eyewear experience. We love to help you and your family to have the best vision possible. Meet our team:

Debbie Warren corporate manager

Debbie Warren, Chief Operating Officer

After eight years honing her skills as an optician, Debbie began her commitment to Golden Optometric Group in 1976 as manager in our West Covina office. Since that time, she has expanded her knowledge of optics and business and now serves as corporate manager for Golden Optometric Group. Debbie still remains actively involved with patients on a daily basis, as this continues to provide her with the most challenging and satisfying experiences. Debbie is responsible for maintaining the uniform high quality of care and service you expect from our offices.

Elsa Martinez office manager

Elsa Martinez, Director of Operations

Elsa has been with Golden Optometric Group since 1989. Starting as a receptionist, she strived to expand her knowledge in the optometric field and soon became a qualified optician. Her continued efforts to exceed expectations and her wonderful way with people earned her the position of office manager in our West Covina office in 1997. She prides herself on providing exceptional customer service and enjoys working with our patients and staff.


Whittier Office Staff

Barbara insurance biller


Over 30 years ago, Barbara began working with Dr. Sheldon Golden and helped him to establish our Whittier practice location. She has been instrumental in its success and has worked in every area of the office over the years, from front office to optician. She currently is the Insurance Administrator for our Whittier location. Her motivation is to process all insurance claims in a timely manner, insuring our patient's insurance needs are transparent to them. She also enjoys still helping our patients and our associates in any way she can.

Diana optician


Diana graduated from the National Education Center in 1994, having completed the course for opticians. She began her career as an assistant in the front office, pretesting patients and helping with contact lens fittings. Later, she became more active as an optician, fitting and dispensing eyewear in addition to contact lenses. She has been with Golden Optometric since 2005, and works in both our Whittier and West Covina locations. Her favorite part of her job? Seeing the smile on a child's face when they get their first pair of glasses, and they see the world clearly for the very first time.

Diane optician


Diane has over 25 years of experience in the optical field and has been with Golden Optometric for 10 years. She is one of our trained opticians, assisting patients with their frame selections and eyewear orders. Diane co-ordinates the entire frame purchasing program, tailoring our product selection to meet the ever-changing needs and desires of our patients. Additionally, she assists the doctors in the contact lens fittings and processing. If there is a special frame style you would like to see, let Diane know and she will be happy to try to accommodate your request.

Jennie front office coordinator


Jennie is our main Front Office Coordinator and has been part of the Golden Optometric family for over 16 years. She is an avid sports fan, and once you become a patient, it is likely she will remember your name AND the team you cheer for. She supervises all the front office duties including appointment scheduling, insurance authorizations, and billing. In addition, Jennie serves as the main contact between our affiliates and our surgery centers.

Lilly front office coordinator


Lilly is one of our Front Office Coordinators and has been with Golden Optometric for about 2 years. While she is one of our newest staff members, she quickly became an important part of our eye care team. You may get to know her when you call our office to schedule an eye examination appointment. She may also be the one to call and remind you of it the night before and to obtain authorization from your insurance company for your services so that when you come into our office, everything is taken care of. She also assists with pre-testing and specialty tests that may be ordered by the doctor.

Nicole optician


Nicole began her career in optometry five years ago. She is also one of our opticians, working with our patients to select the very best vision options for them, including specialty vision products for task specific purposes, such as computer work. Nicole prides herself on her superior customer service skills and gains the most satisfaction from working with her patients.

Samantha optician


Samantha is the newest addition to the Whittier Golden Optometric staff, starting her career with our practice in June 2012. She is a well-rounded and extremely talented optician, who has been involved in the optical field for over 4 years. She enjoys helping her patients see, feel, and look their best in their new eyewear. Samantha always takes the time needed with each patient to get to know them and explore their needs, enabling her to give them the most appropriate recommendations suited to their lifestyle. When she is not in the office providing care for our patients, she is immersed in her musical instruments or her painting.

Summer front office coordinator


While she may be the newest staff member, Summer is certainly not new to the field of Optometry. She comes to our offices with three years of experience in optical skills, from front office to back office and in between. Summer's high energy level is contagious, and she loves working with our happy patients. She has fit in with our team perfectly. Her goal is to provide the best customer service possible. Summer will be heading up our new Dry Eye Center of Excellence from our Whittier location, but you may see her at our West Covina office from time to time.

Sylvia is our Whittier Office Manager

Sylvia, Whittier Office Manager

With 13 years of optical experience, Sylvia joined Golden Optometric in 2001 as a full charge dispensing optician. She enjoys working with our patients on a daily basis, helping them to make the best possible choices in eyewear for looking and seeing their best. She strives to create positive experiences for her patients, making sure they are happy with their decisions. She is also one of our LASIK Consultants for the Whittier location.


West Covina Office Staff

Alexis optician


Alexis has been working in the optical industry for over seven years and joined Golden Optometric Group in 2010. Her experience in optical lab work and the manufacturing of eyewear allows her to provide the highest level of understanding and knowledge to her patients when recommending the products and services best suited to fulfill their eyewear needs. Alexis prides herself on creating a personal experience for each and every one of her patients and is dedicated to ensuring that Golden Optometric maintains the highest standards in optical care, whether it be in the realm of eyeglasses or contact lenses. She looks forward to growing with the practice and assisting the growing number of patients that come through our doors.

Blanca front office coordinator


Blanca has been working in the optical field for seven years, and began her career with Golden Optometric in 2008. She really enjoys interacting with her patients, assisting in their pre-testing and handling many of their insurance needs. As one of our front office coordinators, Blanca tries to ensure the patient's experience in the office is a pleasant one, streamlining processes as efficiently as possible. She has completed classes in dispensing eyewear, contact lens care and medical billing. Blanca is also trilingual with fluency in English, Spanish and French, and recently became involved in our Dry Eye Center.

Carol insurance biller


In 1983, Carol became a licensed optician for both contact lenses and eyewear. She joined Golden Optometric in 1989 and has been a valued member of our team ever since. Carol has quite a following of loyal patients that she still helps to service on a daily basis, but her primary responsibility for the last 15 years has been insurance administration for the West Covina office, as well as assisting several of our affiliate locations. She continues to stay updated with health and insurance regulations on a regular basis, and shares this knowledge with continual training of office staff. With all the new Health Reform mandates going into effect within the next four years, Carol will have her hands full staying abreast of current regulations.

Erika optician

Erika, Team Leader for the Optical Department

With seven years of experience in the optical industry, Erika joined Golden Optometric in 2008 and quickly became an integral part of the practice in providing high quality patient care. Her pleasant nature puts people at ease and her attention to detail assures patients of the quality service they have received. She takes pride in offering her friendly, personalized approach to helping each and every patient. Erika enjoys being a member of the Golden Optometric team that is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our patients.

Judyt optician


Four years ago, Judyt decided she wanted to become licensed to work with an optometry office as an optician. She studied and received her license at that time and joined our team in 2009. She is one of the friendliest faces you will see in our West Covina office, and she truly enjoys helping our patients make the most knowledgeable decisions when choosing the eyewear that is right for them. She looks forward to growing with our office and strives to make sure that each patient has a positive experience there. What is the question she is most frequently asked? The answer is, "Yes, that IS how my name is spelled!"

Marleen optometric assistant


Marleen first started at Golden Optometric in 2006 as a Front Office Assistant and has returned in 2012 with 5 years experience in customer service. After finishing her studies at California State University of Long Beach, Marleen has achieved a Bachelor's of Science in Health Care Administration and has been able to adapt quickly with the fast workplace environment at Golden Optometric. She prides herself in providing her patients with the same high quality of care and compassion she expects from other health professionals when treating her own family. As an Optometric Assistant, Marleen continuously strives to meet the various individual needs of each patient while working effectively and efficiently with all the staff of Golden Optometric. Marleen especially likes being able to translate and communicate fluently in Spanish which minimizes language barriers and in return improves the quality of care to her patients.

Mayra is our Team Leader for the Front Office

Mayra, Team Leader for the Front Office

Mayra is one of our senior front office coordinators and is well known to many of our loyal patients. She has expanded her knowledge over the last seven years to specialize in the care and consultation of our Lasik patients, from answering questions about the process to following up with them for their post-surgical care. Mayra also works closely with our doctors in our Dry Eye Center in order to ensure excellent treatment.

Nancy is our Team Leader for Customer Service and Community Liaison

Nancy, Team Leader for Customer Service and Community Liaison

A pleasant, familiar face to many of our longstanding patients, Nancy has been a dedicated member of the Golden Optometric staff since 1998 and is one of our trusted lead opticians. Having worked over 25 years in the health and optical field, she is experienced in multiple areas of care within our practice which includes managing the orders of safety glasses and representing Golden Optometric in health fairs serving local school children and senior citizens. However, Nancy continues to take the most pride and fulfillment in offering her personalized service and care to our patients on a daily basis.

Ronnie optician


Ronnie began her career as an optician in 2001. She joined Golden Optometric in the beginning of 2011 and her experience in the optical field, combined with her friendly and helpful attitude, ensures that her patients have a great overall experience. She uses her familiarity of current trends in optical fashion to assist her patients in finding eyewear that is both attractive and functional. With the vast selection of options available, she can assist her patients in determining which lens options are best suited for their needs. She is a great resource to our patients when they have any questions about their eyewear and specific eye care needs. In her spare time, Ronnie enjoys reading, shopping, and spending quality time with her family.

Sally optometric assistant


With a future goal of becoming an optometrist, Sally has been involved in the optometric field for over five years. She began her journey by interning at an optometry office during her college years and has found a passion for the people and the health of their eyes. Sally has been with Golden Optometric since 2012 and found that this fast paced, busy office not only cares about the health of their patient's eyes, but the whole patient in general. Sally brings a lightness to all patients by alleviating their worries of the office visit from the moment they walk in; from the smile she has on her face, to her great way of easing each patient into the "puff test." With Dr. Golden's ultimate focus to put a personal touch in care for each individual, the office has shown Sally that her caring personality will shine when treating each patient.



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